Embrace memory foam

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Vita Talalay® Embrace has been developed for people who like the feeling of memory foam, prefer to reduce pressure and desire good ventilating properties. In contrast to other types of memory foam, the Vita Talalay® Embrace does not let you sink into a pit in the mattress. Turning in bed is easy, so that people remain in a deep REM sleep. No pressure is built up by lying in the same position for too long. Vita Talalay® Embrace is lifted, as it were, in contrast to other types of memory foam.

Embrace is applied as a top layer on top of the Superior Vita Talalay® latex. A top layer of 3-4 cm is sufficient for a mattress to achieve a good result. This foam type can also be perfectly used as mattress topper.

This extreme breathability is because the open cell structure does not close when compressed. The natural resistance of Vitalay® keeps your body supported on an open network of cells, allowing air to continue to flow through and creating an escape route for your body heat. This keeps your bedding environment at an optimum temperature all year round.