Fungi in boat mattresses

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By not creating ventilation under the mattresses, nine out of ten times mold formation occurs in the mattress cores, even if you do not see it right there is almost always to a greater or lesser extent.






Fungi are the cause of many hidden symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, irritation of the respiratory tract, etc. In addition, it is unsanitary and not exactly fresh.
You don’t want to go to bed like that, some people say that they don’t have a burr bit, but this has nothing to do with a burr bit anymore. Downright unfresh and super unhealthy.

Often people sleep on the mattresses that are supplied as standard on board their yacht, often these yachts are resold several times and people sleep on the misery of one or more previous owners.

If you buy a house with a beautiful location, beautiful living room, bedrooms, etc., then you will not take over the mattresses of the previous occupant. And I can assure you that these are often cleaner than those on board a yacht. On board the mattresses are often in smaller rooms with rarely good ventilation under the mattress, which causes molds to develop fairly quickly.