Experience Centre Palma de Mallorca successfully opened

26 June 2019

Just over two months ago we celebrated the opening of our fully-fledged Experience Centre in Palma with an open house event on Sunday 28 April. Over an impressive 150 m² of showroom on Avenida de Joan Miró 3, just a short walk from Palma’s marinas, the centre features sixteen different qualities/thicknesses of mattresses across seven different styles of beds – two different mattresses to each bed – for you to try out.

The models on display include mattresses designed for crew quarters as well as owners and guests with the Experience Centre designed to make it easy to compare the different thicknesses, qualities and finishes of each mattress first-hand as well as the high levels of comfort provided by Neptune’s boat mattresses, pillows and bed linen. Also on display is a new bed model called ‘Palma’, which we’ve specifically designed for the villa market. “Neptune at Home” can provide decorating advice to villa owners as well as deliver beds to villas and apartments. In addition, the Experience Centre provides general decorating advice for yacht and home interiors by appointment.