IMO certification for Neptune matresses

16 August 2022

Though an unpleasant thought, mattresses, pillows, curtains and carpeting are the main transmitters of fire onboard. At Neptune, safety comes first, which is why almost all our mattress types are available with an IMO certificate. IMO is a certification standard in the maritime sector that stands for safety on board, including fire safety.

The IMO regulations generally apply not only to offshore vessels but also to all other commercial vessels and charter boats. Neptune has a wide choice of mattresses for the crew, guests, VIPs and owners that can be provided with an IMO certificate, providing you with peace of mind of their safety and quality:

• Pantera Nautic from the COMFORT line
• Vita Talalay FR from the EXCELLENT line
• Pocketspring with Vita-Talalay from the EXCELLENT line

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