Promotion: 50% discount on slatted bases

22 November 2023

Every night, though we’re usually unaware of it, people perspire in their sleep. This moisture can cause mould to form in the mattress core due to the lack of ventilation underneath the mattress. In addition to being unhygienic, it is also unhealthy: mould is the cause of many health complaints such as a runny nose, watery eyes and respiratory irritation.

Neptune boat mattresses in combination with our patented Neptune slatted base systems – essential for ventilation under the mattress – guarantee a comfortable and healthy sleeping place on board your yacht.

With a minimum height of 4cm, a Neptune slatted base ensures very good ventilation under the mattress, resulting in a dry mattress and healthy night’s sleep. A slatted base also adds to the comfort of of the mattress significantly, while extending its lifespan. Neptune slatted bases are designed to be ultra-flexible due to our patented connection system.

Would you like to sleep super comfortably and healthily on board from now on, without damp mattresses that can grow mould? Please contact us soon!


Purchase Neptune Excellent mattresses, and we will say thanks with a 50% discount on our patented slatted bases. This promotion runs until April 2024. Please ask for the terms and conditions.