Duvet Eiderdons

Duvet with a filling of 100% eiderdown that is extremely light and warm. The best insulation value that mother nature can give. The original Icelandic Eiderdons that is naturally lost is manually retrieved from the abandoned nests of the eider after the breeding season. Eiderdown is unsurpassed in terms of thermal insulation and longevity. Ticking of the finest woven cotton. This ‘daunenbatist’ weighs only 75 grams per m2. Or a touch of micro-cell and silk that has a greater moisture regulating capacity than a cotton tick.
This quality duvet is dust mite resistant.
This duvet is available in various heat classes:
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Product description

Our supplier is the only one in the Netherlands who is allowed to process certified eiderdons.

This duvet is available in various heat classes:
Class 1: In a cold room or when you are sensitive to cold
Class 2: Average isolation, favorite with most people
Class 3: In a warm room or when it is quickly warm
Class 4: Summer quality, optimal comfort in warm nights


The origin of the materials used are recorded in a documentation system. This is periodically checked by an independent institute. For this we received the certificate from the IDFL.